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What is composition roofing?

Homeowners today have a large variety of options when it comes to modern roofing. Composition shingles continue to rank among the most popular. They make up almost 85 percent of all modern roofing systems. 

So what precisely is composition roofing? This type of roofing material features a fiberglass reinforcing mat at the center of the shingle, which is coated first with mineral fillers and then with asphalt, which makes the shingle waterproof. The top surface of the shingle is then embedded with a layer of ceramic granules.
Composition Roofing Magnolia, TX

Reasons to build with composition roofing.

Composition roofing is cost-effective: Not only is composition roofing affordable to install, it is also easy to replace. If a localized area is damaged, you can easily replace individual shingles, saving you time and money.

Composition roofing comes in a variety of textures, styles, and colors: Roofing has become more and more of a factor in developing the face of your home; the appearance of a roof has become almost as important as its utility. With a large range of roofing styles to choose from that range from practical to luxury, homeowners can select the roofing that will best complement the design and surrounding elements of their home.

Composition roofing is very durable: Composition roofing can last up to fifty years. Composition roofing is a great investment in multiple ways because it helps to shield homes from harmful UV rays, decrease energy costs and your utility bill, resists fire, and prevents algae, mold and fungus.
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